What We Offer

Tony Dwyer Logging provides specialty wood to restaurants, campgrounds, and vendors for use in wood-fired ovens. We also provide wood in bulk for outdoor boilers and wood furnaces, as well as log lengths; and of course we provide cordwood and wood products for home heating needs.

Tony Dwyer Logging has something for everybody! Whatever your need we can provide high quality, locally-harvested and processed woods such as maple, yellow birch, and beech. We also provide specialty wood products such as cherrywood for smokers and white birch by-the-bundle for display purposes.

We are family-owned and operated, and have been serving satisfied customers for three generations. We are located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont and are proud to serve customers in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Connecticut. See what we have to offer, place an order, or get in touch with any questions. We would love to help you meet your wood product needs.

By appointment only:
Hours: Monday-Thursday 7am-5pm
Fridays 7- 3pm

Tony Dwyer, Owner & scheduler (802) 535-5125

Tony Dwyer